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springboardThe Springboard Foundation was founded  in  November 2002, Springboard Foundation is   raising funds to help children in the Philippines   with vision for Filipino children growing up in nurturing homes with access to good education, nutrition, medical   care and good quality career opportunities. http://www.springboard-foundation.org/

Who does Springboard work with and support

 The Asian Students Christian Foundation (ASCF) is a registered Philippine charity, (#ANO91-196386). The foundation was established in 1990 by ASCT. The main source of financial support comes from the Asian Students Christian Trust, England.

In 1990, we were operating in Project 8 Quezon City in a rented house with an environment not suited for quality education. We dreamt of a bigger house away from the densely populated city to support more children and provide a more conducive environment for learning.

To realize this dream, between 1991 and 1995, the foundation secured a piece of land with a three-storey building capable of accommodating 35 residents. The building was renovated with the intent of designing it for residential care. Thus, Mango Tree House was born.

Here, Mango became neither a true home for 39 children who have nowhere to go nor a home to come home to. Mango served as their sanctuary from the cruelties they’ve experience in the outside world. The rustic beauty of the countryside provides a better environment for these children to recover from trauma and provide them hope for a better future ahead.

In 2009 Mango Tree House moved to be close to the school of our sister Foundation Kalinga at Pag-ibig Foundation and the Papaya Academy Elementary School at Kasiglahan Main Road after building a bigger home which can accommodate more residents.

Mango Tree House serves as a family and sanctuary for children who have not had the best start in life.

However too many children were referred to us even though they had families that loved them sadly due to poverty they could not support the children. Instead of taking these children away from a loving family environment we started a new project called the Grapevine Project.

This project extends education and sponsorship to these children so they can live with their families. Our Social Workers then work to make sure the children are not at risk and not on the streets. Obviously this is the cheaper and much better than a child being in a children’s home.

We also have a pre-school called the Cashew Tree House This project serves pre-school children from the Payatas dumpsite.

Main Goal and Objective

To develop the social, psychological, educational, economic, spiritual, physical, emotional and moral aspects of the lives of abandoned, neglected, orphaned, and abused children and young people.

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship was launch by ASCT a registered UK Charity. ASCF would like to spread hope to sponsor more children under each Education program.

Sponsors can closely monitor the progress of their sponsored child. We send regular thorough reports on the child’s physical, mental, social and emotional well being. Sponsors can also have regular correspondence with the child so they will know the changes they have made in the child’s life.

Our Success

In the decades since the work of ASCT started, we have watched the children, supported by our sponsors, grows as they turn their lives around. We have seen them graduate from high school and college- becoming teachers, social workers, nurses, drivers, policeman, shop and restaurant workers and businessmen and women.

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